Basilmentos Clothes Review for 18in dolls


Corinne and Lea in their new clothes. They look so cute!
Lea looks so cute with her braided pigtails and Basilmentos t-shirt!
Corinne looks very stylish in her new pants and blue tee. Don’t forget the cute converse!

Yesterday I received a package of doll clothes from Basilmentos Etsy Shop.  Basilmentos is an AgYouTuber. I got the green t-shirt with the Basilmentos logo on it and a pair of joggers. The joggers have a white, sparkly stripe going down the side and the word Basilmentos going down the side as well. The quality is amazing and the clothes are so cute! Inside the package was a free Mermaid Cove Poster. Mermaid Cove is a Basilmentos production. It came out this summer. Anyways, the poster was signed and it was really cool! The clothes are no longer on her Etsy, but I think she has more items coming. Be on the lookout for some new clothes, items, etc. from Basilmentos Etsy shop!


5 thoughts on “Basilmentos Clothes Review for 18in dolls

  1. I think you should get the girls in their Cubs wear and do an opinion piece on Opening Day and the feelings of hope and joy that come each year with the start of a new baseball season.


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