Susie “Z” Yang AG’s Newest Contempoary Charcater

Start the countdown! Mark your calendars! American Girl’s newest contemporary character, Susie “Z” Yang, is going to be coming out on April 27. A contemporary character is a doll that American Girl came up with and released this February. The first contemporary dolls were Tenney Grant and Logan. Logan was AG’s first ever boy doll. Z loves photography,  making stopmotions, and making videos. She is said to come in a blue t-shirt with a camera graphic on it, a pair of skinny jeans, a grey skirt, and sparkly gym shoes. I think her accessories are going to be a white jacket, a pair of glasses, a camera, and a camera bag. I am not sure but from what I have seen in the pictures I am guessing that those will be her accessories. She is also going to becoming out with a desk. I think the desk will come with a laptop, a desktop computer, a sticker sheet, and maybe a camera. These are the items that I think will come out with Z. Make sure to comment down below!



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