How To Pack for your Dolls

Hey everyone! Long time no see! Today I am going to  help you pack for your American Girl Doll. I am going on vacation pretty soon and I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys how to pack for your dolls! Let’s get started. First you’re going to need something to put the clothes and accessories in. You can use a Ziploc bag, a backpack, or a toiletry case if  you don’t have any doll suitcases. I have a doll suitcase but it doesn’t hold many items so I use the garment bag instead. It holds lot of items and it has a hook on the top so  you can hang it on something if you want to! When I am packing I usually over pack for my dolls. You are most likely not going to change your dolls outfit every single day that you are on vacation. I pack a couple off  shirts and shorts, skirts, and/or pants that can be mix and matched. I also pack a dress or two, two mix and match swim suits, and a pair of pajamas. All of this fits inside the garment bag! Next thing I do is pack accessories! I usually use a book bag from American Girl. It fits a ton of  stuff and has lots of pockets! I am brining with her phone, a camera, a couple of books  and notebooks, writing supplies, sunglasses, and some food. I might bring a pet but I am not sure. The last thing  do is grab a sleeping bag or a blanket and a pillow to bring with for her to sleep on. You don’t have to do this but I like to bring one with.  Don’t forget to pack hair accessories and a hair brush!


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