Please Meet Z Yang!

A couple of Sundays ago I got Z Yang at the Ag Store. I wanted her ever since she came out and I am so happy I finally got her! Z’s real name is Susie but I am renaming her Zoey. She comes in a blue “Smile!” Camera graphic tee, an adorable grey skirt, simple skinny jeans, and fun, sparkley shoes. Her hair is tied away in two pigtails, which can be left in our taken out. She comes with her book and in the new box. The Z that I got had permapanties. I am guessing they are still trying to get rid of that batch of Z’s before they get rid of them entirely. I do not mind the permapanties, therefore I will not be sending her in to get them replaced. 

I also got Z’s accessories . They make the whole outfit! Z’s while collection is very mix and match in my opinion. You could pair the white jacket with her meet shirt and her skirt and top it off with her cute scarf and glasses. Or you could have Z wear her skinny jeans, meet shirt, and and galaxy type hat. There’s lots of different pieces you can chose to make an outfit. I definitely recommend this set, even if you don’t own Z.

Overall I definitely recommend get Z or something from her collection. Her whole collection relates to a lot of Ag lovers, AGIGers, and AGTubers. I hope you enjoyed reading this and be on the look out for my upcoming post, “Look book #2- Lea”


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